Happy New Year All!

A very quiet year with trips for me, focusing on work, meaning i did get alot of time to get the latest stuff in my local of Leeds Bradford. With trips to Dublin and Geneva at the start of the year, i got off to a good start. Seeing my first DC-8 in Geneva!
Departing Geneva to Jeddah
This was Followed up by a trip to Luton were i got to see a Boeing B737-200 again, the noise off that machine was amazing and so good to see again!
Legend of an aircraft departing Luton.
A holiday with the Girlfriend to Larnaca in Cyprus result in some shots from the balcony, yes i did persuade her to to use that hotel and it worked!

Awesome light!
National carrier landing

Other highlights can be seen below...




I also found out i was going to be a Dad this year, so with the due date next year they might be a dip in updates on my blog. No need to worry though, because if hes anything like me, he will be making appearances at airports as well.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best!  Please keep coming back to look at my blog.

Thank you


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